No child left behind

I will start off by stating I’m not here to offend anyone by this post. This is simply MY blog and my feelings. Thank you!

Today’s child raising seems like one big competition to me. My child was reading Shakespeare at 2, my son was potty trained by 18 months, etc. On one end I highly applaud those parents and their full dedication to teach their children, but boy does it make me feel like poop. Like today, I tried to reach my two year old letters and she just wasn’t feeling it. She was throwing a tantrum because it was nap time (napping right now) and ddidn’t want to do anything productive. Although she managed to put away her toys by herself. As a full time stay at home mom my kids should be excelling in everything, right? Because I’m home with them everyday to teach them. My kids don’t learn by doing workbook pages all day, they are the kind that needs to explore and get hands on to learn, so I bring them to story time, dance class, nature walks through our local nature center, playgrounds, tiny tots gym class, basketball, etc. My kids learn by cooking, baking,at home science experiments, arts and crafts. But maybe that is the issue, there are too much activities they are in that it is pushing their learning behind.

Yes, I should be more strict but why should I force my child to potty train when she isn’t fully ready herself. It will make her regress (I learned the hard way with my oldest). In other words I feel like I am failing them as a parent and not pushing them to their full potential, they should be above average since I am home with them all the time. So I will find other ways to incorporate different types of learning for both of my girls.

Thank you for listening!

Live. Love. Smile. Dance


Road trip mishaps!

Sorry I have been gone for a few days, we went on vacation to Portland for a few days. We decided to take a mini vacation for my oldest daughter’s birthday, do something different. It was also an awesome excuse for some R&R πŸ˜†

We had an amazing time, and it was way too short. Although, we had quite an adventure on the drive there (it’s 3-4 hrs). My youngest daughter slept through the first few hours, but once she woke up she was antsy, then came the part where she chucked her cookies and milk (literally). Nothing prepares a parent for that mishap because it gets in her car seat and just all over her. Good thing I brought extra clothes for her to wear the remainder of the drive. One thing I did learn is you can’t ever bring the right amount of entertainment and electronics to keep the kids busy. We still got the perpetual “mom, are there yet?”, to my youngest screaming bloody murder to get out of her car seat. It makes me wonder how a plane ride will be.

So we finally get to Portland with time to spare before checking into the hotel. Of course we got some grub, did some shopping (tax free), and checked out the city a little bit. Once the kids were out of the car and ready to stretch out their legs, they got a little rowdy. Understandable, as we don’t do long distance drives often. I’m just thankful that shopping malls nowadays have playgrounds for munchkins to run around and burn off some steam.

Now we get to our hotel and unpack, unwind and freshen up a little. I made the mistake of not checking the packing twice as I forgot my toothbrush and my oldest daughter’s pajamas. Then i accidentally packed one daughter’s tights and not the others, so my youngest couldn’t wear one of the outfits because it was a chilly day that day. Now this is what happens when I let my arrogance get the best of me as I’ve traveled plenty before. I was confident that I had everything under control, my first mistake was I had never packed for avacation with kids before (my younger sister doesn’t count). So, let’s just say I’m glad we had the extra money to go shopping that day.

Once settled, there was of course the itinerary. There was a list we made of the different things we wanted to go see and do, places we wanted to go eat, etc. We tried to do those the best of our ability, but I realized we should have went to the Children’s Museum rather than the zoo, as my toddler was not too interested in seeing them (except the monkeys). Yup, we didn’t really plan that one out too great. Then on our last day, I thought it would be awesome to check out the biggest book store we have ever seen, Powell’s Books. You guessed it, our experience there was a hot mess as my toddler didn’t want to sit still while we all ate and sipped on our hot beverages. Then she started taking the books out of their place and putting them in random areas. To top it off, she threw a complete tantrum by the entrance kiosk. She started screaming, laid down, and did that whole spinning pin wheel thing with her feet on the floor. I wasn’t the least bit enthused, but I was waiting for an employee to get my book from the ginormous back room. Our first experience there was a total fail, and I’m sure we ended up on their “do not let them enter the store” list.

With all of that said, we all still had a really FUN time! We were sad that it was oonly a few days and went by so fast. Next time, I will be better prepared and I’m definitely packing extra…even if we don’t end up using any of the stuff. I have learned my lesson for our next roadtrip/vacation.

Live. Love. Smile. Dance


Guilty pleasure, oh my!

First off, let me say that we are all human and make mistakes. We all have our vices and guilty pleasures, some more embarrassing than others…but hey, whatever makes you happy! One of my guilty pleasures is “reality tv” shows, we all know it’s scripted but we all love a little drama, right?

One of my favorite reality tv shows is Celebrity Wife Swap. The one I watched today was Tachina Arnold (from Martin) and Kelly Packard (Baywatch) swapping lives for a week. I realized how much I’m like Tachina Arnold with a few things I wouldn’t do, but we are for sure city folk. Kelly Packard was all about the country life and raising goats and chickens. While watching, I realized how much they are like us…human and parents that make those few mistakes in life. I have that huge sigh of relief to know that I’m not the only one that has sassy kids, active kids, or kids that are hyper active. I hate to admit it, but knowing that makes me feel like I’m not failing in the world of parenting.

My kids with a little bit of attitude might be hyper active, sometimes rowdy, and maybe even hard to keep up with at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way because they are smart and beautiful. They keep me on my toes, busy, and constantly going. I just know that is their way of exploring the world with arms and heart wide open.

I will continue to learn from my mistakes and continue to grow as a parent, as I become a better person for them.

Live. Love. Dance. Smile


Expanding the family?!?!?

Hello everyone,

Today was an exceptional day as we celebrate the new life of my cousins second baby,a baby boy. It was a great time with family, good food, lots of laughs, and a chance for two families to come together.

As I was watching my cousin waddle everywhere and feel her baby move on her tummy, I realized how much I wanted another child and how I love the beauty of being pregnant. The feeling of growing this child inside of you and caring for the baby to welcome it into it into the world. Seeing how a little life who isn’t born yet is able to bring people together and provide a lot of fun and games. That right there is what I miss!

But, and there is a huge BUT, I get home and get greeted by hugs and crying. Then fighting one or both of my kids to eat, sit still, sit down, etc. After dinner there is the pivotal “mom, I have a headache”, “I’m done” after a few bites of pizza, “bedtime already!”. Those moments right there make me erase that thought of wanting to have another child really quick. As much as I love my kid’s, I will admit that they both drive me nutty!!!

Right now we have talked about wanting another child and hoping it’s a baby boy. Although with our luck, it might be another girl. So for now, we will continue to gush over others baby’s.


Live. Laugh. Smile. Dance

A little introduction :)

Hello Everyone,

Since this is my third blog, I figured it was the perfect time to introduce myself and my family. I am a 32 (yes, I told my real age) year old mother of two beautiful, rambunctious girls! My oldest is soon to be 7 at the end of the month. She is my shining crafty star! Arts, crafts, dance, and costume play are her favorite activities to do. Her extra curricular activities consist of dance, reading buddies,and jiu jiu juitsu. I can proudly say that when she is older (and now), she can protect herself and she has taken a bully and stranger danger class. My oldest is in the first grade and loves math and music. In Kindergarten, she was part of her first science fair. We helped her build her own tornado using 2 liter bottles. It was a simple project, but it was a nice learning experiences for her. Her dream is to either be a fashion designer or an interior designer.

My youngest just turned two years old on New Year’s Day! Yay! Her name means Freedom and she truly holds true to that meaning. She is spunky, outspoken, happy, and very active. Just because she’s two doesn’t mean she isn’t into any extra activities. She loves toddler gym because she can play, run and scream as much as she wants. Story time is her ultimate favorite because at the end of the stories we do ring around the Rosie and bubble time! She is also my little bookstore and loves books, but mainly about Elmo. Her favorite show is Sesame Street and Caillou.

Eight years strong is how long my husband and I have been married. We met during orientation when we both worked for AT&T. He still currently works there, and I am a stay at home mom. We both met unexpectedly and I will admit, it was love at first sight πŸ˜‰ From the beginning he has always made me laugh and smile. We always have great conversation (when the kids are sleeping), and we truly support each other in our little conquests in life. I’m proud to call him my best friend, soul mate, confidante, and an amazing father to our kids. Now, I know people usually take the traditional route of a wedding ceremony, but we decided to have an official ceremony on our 10 year anniversary. It will be a special way of celebrating a wonderful milestone in our lives together.

And now we come to me! Before my blog, husband, kid’s, family life, I was wondering as a medical assistant in an Arthritis and Osteoporosis Clinic in Colorado. I then transferred to a private pain management clinic doing front and back clinic work. I was the liaison to the doctor and managed his patients, schedule, medicine pick up and drop offs, advertisements, and New patient assistance and scheduling. I busted my curtail through school working full time and attending college full time just to graduate and get through my internship. When I finally graduated I was at the top of my class and on the Dean’s List twice. I also hold a degree in Pharmacy Technician, but found out during my residency that it wasn’t for me. It’s good as a back up and for the pharmaceutical background. I was a military child who grew up and always migrated back to San Diego. I was born in Seattle but moved to the Philippines when I was 9 months old. So English was not my first language. I came back to the U.S. when I was 4 and started to learn English through ESL when I started Kindergarten. Although I don’t speak Ilocano in conversation terms, I can still understand the language and still know some words that I teach my kids.

Currently, we reside in Washington and have been here for almost four years. We moved from Colorado, which is my husband’s native hometown. Moving her was one of the best decision we have made for our family to provide a better future for us and our kids. We still seek to recently live in a state with more sunshine (Que Mr. Sun kids song) and warm weather.

This is a little tidbit about my family and I hope it has helped get to know me a little more. Thank you πŸ™‚



Holidays, birthdays, and shenanigans!

Sorry everyone that I have been MIA. It’s been a little busy with the holidays and New Years celebration. Not only that, but it was my youngest daughter’s Saoirse second birthday (yay). I normally would have gone all out like I did last year and plan a party, but this year I was just plain tired. I also have my oldest daughter who has a birthday in January. Even though their party is combined, it gets exhausting.

This year, we decided to bring Saoirse to her favorite places that we don’t go to a lot. We brought her to Family Fun Center, Rainforest Cafe, and the playground at the mall. Sometimes it is the simple things that makes kids happy, which I’m completely fine with! She got really excited when the staff sang happy birthday to her and she got to blow out her candle πŸ™‚

Watching her enjoy the simple pleasures of her birthday made me want to look at the world in a different perspective. To look at more through a child’s eyes, the innocence, the simple joys in life, the happiness and excitement in everything. With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, New Year’s, keeping ornaments, exchanging and/or returning items, etc. It’s really easy to get lost in that.

I thank you all in allowing me to share another birthday milestone with you πŸ™‚ we all know how tough two year old have it with a whole lot of new emotions and things to learn, like potty training.

Until next time!


Sunday funday!

Most people spend their Sunday’s to relax and to catch up on some much needed rest and sleep. Most also spend their Sunday’s at a place of worship and then football right after. We decided to do the latter and watch my team get their playoff dreams get crushed (it’s okay, there is always next year). After watching defeat, we honestly didn’t feel like cleaning so we spontaneously decided to bring the kids to the Tacoma Children’s Museum.

Now all you parents know how hard it is to get kids ready for a scheduled event, imagine getting them ready for something not planned. To be honest, once we mentioned Children’s Museum to the kids it was pretty easy peas from there. Still, if my husband wouldn’t have been there to help, I would have been chasing my youngest trying to dress her and constantly rushing my oldest to get her ready.

Once there, all was good until we got to the water station. I then realized how not so waterproof and hard it was to get my youngest daughter’s sleeves to roll up. Now you would think after the first kid I would have learned to dress my kids for all occasions, but nope! Β I had to keep after her and constantly roll up her sleeves as they got tighter and tighter the further her sleeves went up her arm. Oh well, we are starting to become regulars, Β so next time I will learn. For the record, please bring all drinks and snacks with you to any museum as they are pricey once inside. I know, I know, I’m two for two right now. Yes, i normally bring snacks, lunch, etc, but like I said it was spontaneous and it completely passed my mind.

As we were riding on the ride back home I noticed how quiet it was in the backseat, when I look I noticed both kids were passed out. Now, I sit there with a huge grin on my face as the only sounds going through my car is the local radio station. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids with all my heart and would do anything for them, but i do cherish those quiet moments as well. In the back of my mind though, I feel somewhat guilty of feeling that way and think if I’m an awful mother to feel that way. Then I think, I’m with them every day and am with them 24 hours a day (we co sleep so that counts), so I’m somewhat entitled to enjoy those quiet moments. I am entitled though, right?

Oh, and for the record. The burger meat from commercial fast food places look so wrong in so many ways. I can’t believe I just fed that to my kids. Oy vey! I am definitely packing them lunch from home on our next outing.



1st blog and I’m excited!

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog, and I’m excited to post it. I want this blog to be a place where you can feel comfortable knowing your not the only one to goof off in the world of motherhood. As mom, parents, caretakers, wives, time keepers and such, we sometimes feel that obligation to fulfill societies standards of the “perfect life and home”.

Well, I am here to put your mind at ease and to let you know that it’s alright to mess up from time to time. We all have those days where nothing isn’t going 100%, heck it’s not even going 5% as planned…at the end of the day it’s alright to run a bath and pull out some wine for some “me” time. There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time. Β For the record I don’t drink wine, but i just know a lot of mom’s who do πŸ™‚

With that being said, I hope my blogs put a smile on your face and a sigh of relief. Oh, and there will be a few tidbits here and there about my challenges on trying to keep my family healthy and eating good!